Monday, February 15, 2010

Yarn In...Yarn Out

The dreaded tally of what I've done so far this year!

Yarn In includes purchases and trades that came in.
Yarn Out includes finished objects, yarn I sold or traded out.
Limbo Yarn includes yarn that is currently being used.

So our starting total was: 120 skeins respectively

Yarn In:
33 = Christmas yarns
  9 = Sweater Club ('09 paid)
  1 = sock club ('09 paid, Dec Shipment)
  8 = my purchases/trades coming in

Yarn Out:
  2 = Finished Objects
  10 = Sold / Traded / Gifted

Limbo Yarn:
35 skeins are currently devoted to projects in progress!  (I keep reminding me that 21 of those are the Doomsday Bag and 7 are my Wicked Sweater.)

End total: 132
So, here's what came in in January:

Received this Three Irish Girls Wexford roving in Quinn  in a trade:


 Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock in Secret Keeper.  This was the Valentine's Day Sock Kit (paid in Jan. received in Feb.) Dani put together:

Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport in Jane:

Cosmic Fibers Yarn, Lyra in Vampire in your Cleavage:

Other yarns that arrived in January were my Christmas Yarns:
Sunshine Yarns in Classic Sock:
Mountain Shadow

Sweet Clementine
Bella's Truck 


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