Friday, February 26, 2010

Yarn In...Yarn Out (February) - Part 2

The next instillation of the dreaded tally for 2010!  The second for February...I've been bad, very bad!

Yarn In includes purchases and trades that came in.
Yarn Out includes finished objects, yarn I sold or traded out.
Limbo Yarn includes yarn that is currently being used.

So our starting total was: 120 skeins respectively
January's Total was: 132 skeins

February (first installment still listed first with second additions following):

Yarn In:
1 (+1) = trades/gifted
2 (+8 rovings + 4 skeins) = my purchases

Yarn Out:
3(+1) = Finished Objects
16 (+4)= Sold / Traded / Gifted

Limbo Yarn:
33 skeins are currently devoted to projects in progress! (21 of those are the Doomsday Bag and 7 are the Wicked Sweater.)

End total: 118 (-5+13) =  127 (but do rovings really count since they are for the shop? so really -8 from the total gives me 119 so I'm still under the years starting point!?! Or is that cheating?)

So, here's the second installment of what came in in February:


Spincerely Yours Merino/Tencel Roving "Niave": 
Old Sheep Romney, Merino blend:
"Iris Garden"
"Unknown Planet":

Gaia's Colors Pales Sock in Cliodhan's Thistle :
Gaia's Colours Samovila Top in Pollock:
 Sunshine Yarns Worsted Merino in "Down the Rabbit Hole":

Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport in "Un-Birthday":
Sunshine Yarns SW Merino Roving in "Mad Hatter":

Sunshine Yarns SW Merino Roving in "Wonderland":

Sunshine Yarns Merino/Tencel Roving in "Red Queen":  

Whew!  Can you tell there's a trend in Sunshine land right now?  And it's all gorgeous!


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