Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weaving away...

This last week has been a mad rush to get some knitting projects finished. But I did manage to take a break last night and this morning and got 2 scarves finished up.
This first is Barking Dog Yarns in Lobster Shell Beach. It ended up 70” x 4 1/2”. It was stretchier than I expected but I powered through and finished up for my mom, for Mother’s Day this year. (She isn’t the most appreciative when it comes to knits and stuff, and tends to look at me like I’m crazy when I talk to her about things like this…oh well!) The edges at the beginning of this one got pretty wonky but for my second project I’m happy.
image title
The second is for a swap spoilee. I love it and it will be difficult to pack up and send on it’s way, but I think she will love it just as much! It is SUnshine Yarns in New Moon Alice. I left the weave a little looser and ended up with a 68” x 5 1/2” scarf.
image title

Friday, March 26, 2010

results in this:

And a close up:
Now all that is left to knit is the flap.  (2500 of 7000 stitches of it is done so far!)
This needs to be finished by Mar. 31st, @ midnight.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yarn In...Yarn Out (March)

The March instillation of the dreaded tally for 2010! 

Yarn In includes purchases and trades that came in.
Yarn Out includes finished objects, yarn I sold or traded out.
Limbo Yarn includes yarn that is currently being used.

So our starting total was: 120 skeins respectively
January = 132 skeins
February = 119
March = 

Yarn In:
2 Rovings and one skein arrived that were purchased in February
0 = trades/gifted
11 = my purchases
(Plus 1 kit...but it's my birthday present, does it still count?)

Yarn Out:
0 = Finished Objects
5 = Sold / Traded / Gifted

Limbo Yarn:

- 21 of those are the Doomsday Bag
- 7 are the Wicked Sweater
- 2 are 2 pairs of socks
- 1 Montego Bay Scarf
- 1 Un-Birthday Hat
- 1 Butterbeer Citron
- 1 Owlings

End total: 119 (-5+11) =  125


February's Purchases that came in March:
Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rawk Mediumweight in Narikama.

CJ Kopec Creations Honey Bear & Lake House Merino/Tencel Blends

And the Feb 2010 Sunshine Yarns Harry Potter Club Shipment, Shapeshifter.

For March:
I got 2 skeins of Berroco Luster at the LYS I just found. I've been wanting to try this yarn for a while now and could never find it without having to order it.
Sunshine Yarns (as always!)  Mad Hatter Classic Sock:
Red Queen Classic:
Un-Birthday Classic:
Lupin Classic:
Down The Rabbit Hole in Lux Sock:
Barking Dog Yarns: Ansel Adams:
Lobster Shell beach:
Pink & Black Plaid:
 And my birthday kit from Sunshine Yarns: Forever Sunrise Dipped Infinity Scarf kit

Yarn Diet...? it even possible???  Well, I'm thinking I'm needing one.  I have got to get back down to my beginning total!  Maybe someday I can make it a reality!

March Madness...

The SKA March Mystery Sock KAL is going on still.  Clue 3 was released this past Monday and I've just gotten to the point where I can start it today!  I've gotten through the heel flap part that is patterned.  I did however decide to only do one repeat of Clue 2 (the leg) as adding the second repeat would have made the sock too tight around the cuff for me at it's full height.  I even considered giving these away as a gift and the intended recipient had the same issue, so one repeat is good by me.  I'll be disqualified for the prizes, but I'll have a very pretty pair of socks!


It's the week before finals!  Which in a normal school would mean kids getting ready to take finals or bloing off steam to relax before them.  For us crazy art students, it means FINALS!!!  You have to shoot your final, print your final, mat your final and be ready to present your final the second you walk into class!  It's just a wee-bit crazy around here right now!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness

No not basket ball!!!  As if I'd even know that when that was beyond it being called "March Madness"!

No, this is my own form of March Madness!  I've cast on 2 pairs of Mystery Socks so far this month and it's only the 7th!  Not only that, I have plans for at least one more pair!

The first pair I cast on is the SolidSocks Mystery Sock March/April 2010 pattern for the Solid Socks group on Ravelry.  I'm using Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock (big surprise there!) in Mountain Shadow.On US 1 (2.25mm) DPNs.  I'm thinking I'm going to try and run to the LYS down the street from school in order to get a few more pairs.  I have exactly 6 needles this size, one of which is broken.  So I knit clue1 of sock1 for this pair and then had to move it to a couple stitch holders to be able to start another sock.

Mountain Shadows Hide Mysteries:


Mystery Sock #2 that I cast on is the March 2010 SKA Mystery Sock pattern. This pattern is being knit for the Sock Knitters Anonymous March Sockdown on Ravelry.  Also knit on US 1 DPNs.  This time I'm using Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sock in Cliffdiving.  This yarn was given to me by Dani last time I visited her due to a few knots throughout the skein.