Sunday, January 2, 2011

How am I supposed to be patient with the most destructive children on the face of the planet?

Those of you who know me outside of this log, know the trouble I have with this.  I thought this year I would try to be more patient with them.  

But when my 3 year old comes downstairs and hands me a permanent marker and says to come look at the 'masterpiece' my temper hitches up a wee bit. 

The 5 minutes of peace I find while washing dishes is obviously not allowed in my house.  (My husband wonders why there is a tower of them sitting next to the sink nightly!)  Apparently those few minutes that I thought I'd get something done in the kitchen and told the kids to color on their papers quietly so mommy could finish up the dishes obviously were ill-advised on my own part.  They sat quietly for a few minutes and I got to work.  5 minutes later, Char arrives with the marker.  

They were drawing all right!  
Just not in the living room, and definitely not on the paper!

I now have 3 murals in the hallway upstairs, one being on my studio door, as well as a long coiling design trailing down the banisters in the stairs.

Obviously, these were the work of my 5 year old son, Jack, seeing as the drawings were not in the styling of 3 year old Char.  And then there is the fact that he signed all of his work.  Right there in the middle of each is his name.  But he says his sister did it...



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